Get $100 off All BGAN Land,Vehicular, Hotspot & Marine Satellite Internet Terminals & $50 off Airtime from NorthernAxcess

Posted by NorthernAxcess on 20th Jan 2016

NorthernAxcess is starting 2016 w/ Great Promos that gives $100 off  on all Satellite Internet Terminals and $50 off BGAN Prepaid Airtime ( 500 units or more). 

The coupons listed below will give highly reduced discounts on satellite internet products such as BGANs land terminal, Vehicular BGANs and Fleetbroadband Marine terminals and the New WIdeye iSavi sateliite hotspot. We also are providing the promotion mentioned for Prepaid BGAN Airtime of 500 units and above.

* This coupons enables you to purchase as many of these satellite internet terminals or BGAN airtime mentioned and get the same reduction per item, which is potentially a great bulk discount.

Below are the links for you to browse the satellite internet terminals and Airtime.

-Satellite Internet Terminals- Land, Vehicular and Marine

-Satellite Internet Hotspot - Wideye iSavi

-BGAN Prepaid Airtime- 500 units or more.

Review all coupons codes listed below. If you are having problem with a coupon you can call us at 1-877-299-9931 to get assistance with your coupon or email us at . Coupons are only redeemable when placing the order online.

  • Coupon Code: NAXBGANCM $100.00 for the purchase of any Land, Vehicular or Marine BGAN Terminal.
  • Coupon Code: NAXBGANAIR500 $50.00 off for the purchase of Inmarsat BGAN prepaid airtime sim card of 500 units or more.

Terms & Condition of Coupon Usage

  • These coupons only applies to New Products.
  • All coupons are valid from January 2016 to March 1st 2016, which means as of March 2nd 2016 all coupons listed above will no longer be valid.
  • Limit of one coupon per customer.
  • Each coupon can’t be used with another coupons or discounts. So choose the coupon that is best suited for you.
  • Coupons valid only on Online Orders.