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End of life notice for the USA made iridium 9505A satellite phone

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The USA Made Iridium 9505A Reaches It's End Of Life Status

Iridium has announced that their most popular military USA Made 9505A satellite phone will no longer be made as of the end of May 2015.

The original 9505A had its End of Life along time ago, but iridium remained manufacturing the USA made version mostly for government use, or for those that wanted to have a more durable phone and pay top dollar for it. 

What Will Be Next As A Military Use SatPhone

Even after the original 9505A reached its end of life it has still sold as used or refurbished being one of the most reliable and popular satellite phones ever made. However for the Military the remaining USA made 9505A model was a must because it was the only model satphone that was able to be used with an encryption sleeve which encrypted all calls being used by military, as well as being in our opinion one of the most field tough phones that iridium ever made.

Now that the USA made 9505A is reaching its end of life, we are wondering what type of replacement iridium will have for military use, because as of now the current iridium models might not live up to the standards in the feild.

What are your thoughts on this,...we would like to know?

*If you would like to get a USA made version make sure that all orders are placed by May 15, 2015 and final Shipment May 27, 2015...Place orders for USA Made 9505A Here

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