Sailor 6007 Satellite Message Terminal

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Sailor 6007 Satellite Message Terminal

SAILOR 6007 Message Terminal is a dedicated maritime PC and message terminal which has been designed to provide a single solution for a variety of reporting and communication applications such as e-Log, Vessel Management Systems and communications management. 

Although the reporting functionality makes it ideally suitable for professional fishing vessels, it also offers a range of other functionalities relevant to the merchant vessel market.

The SAILOR 6007 Satellite Message Terminal utilises the Inmarsatsatellite network.

The SAILOR 6007 Message Terminal provides additional communication functions when integrated to a vessel’s satellite communications system, providing various options such as email, it has also been built to withstand the harsh marine environment, with features such as a Flash hard drive, high IP rating and NMEA interface and boasts a high level of maritime approvals and testing including CN114 and IC945.

As the first SAILOR dedicated message terminal and marine PC, Thrane & Thrane have ensured that the SAILOR 6007 Message Terminal offers a wide range of benefits over standard PCs and existing reporting systems for fishing vessels. The terminal enables users to quickly and easily carry out reporting tasks allowing crew more time for other critical jobs on board. The SAILOR 6007 Message Terminal provides a straightforward interface to make reporting and everyday computing tasks easier and more reliable as it is built for the maritime environment.


Part #: SAILOR-6007 Dimensions: 24 x 27 x 6 without bracket Weight: 2.0 Network: Inmarsat Operating Temp: -25°C to 55°C operat Interfaces: Ethernet (10/100Mbit), RJ45 5 x USB Host interface ports (all up to 480 MB) SD card slot (SDHC) IP Rating: IP30 on the rear section, IP33 on the front surface

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