Product Protection Shield for Iridium 9555

Price: $249.99

Product Protection Shield for the Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone

The Protection Shield for the Iridium 9555 satellite phone is valid for 2 years and provides free one time replacement parts such as LCD screen, antenna, battery and more; Also includes other free services such as maintenance, cleaning and firmware upgrades, 24/7 technical support and Point of Contact Service.

Investing in a lifesaving communication equipment such as satellite phone can be very expensive and the manufactures warranty can be limited upon certain physical damages. Accidents can happen and certain parts can crack or break like the antenna, LCD screen, or Front Housing causing the phone to stop operating properly. The repair and replacement of this these parts can be very costly and also will leave you without a phone for a long period of time. The Shield Protection Plan will makes it easier for you and take away expensive repairs and long waiting to get your satellite phone repaired. Also you can count with personalized support anytime you need it.

We are the #1 company to have a dedicated Repair Centre for Satellite Communication Equipment.

The Shield Plan covers the following services for the Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone:

One Time Replacement/Repair of:

* LCD Screen

* Battery

* Front Housing

* Keypad

* Microphone

* Speaker

* Volume Switch

* Back Housing

* Antenna

One Time Advanced Repair of:

 Re-soldering the parts below to the PCI/Main Board.

 *Charging port or power jack

Additional Services:

* Free Firmware/Software upgrades

* Water Damage Cleaning/Treatment- NOT GUARANTEED

* Testing & Evaluation

* Free Cleanings

* 24/7 Technical Support

Water Damage Cleaning

When a satellite phone becomes water damaged it can be a serious incident. The first thing you need to do is remove the battery ASAP to prevent the shorting out of more electronic items on the board. Send the satellite phone to our Repair Centre ASAP so we can do a water damage treatment which has a 60% chance of taking care of certain satellite phone board damage and restoring its condition.

Point of Contact:

This service gives you the option to contact us to deliver messages to anybody (such as family members, work colleagues, emergency services… etc) that you cannot get hold of through your satellite phone. We will deliver any message that you provide us by a phone call, text message, or email. Basically we will be your Point of Contact whenever you need us.


This plan does not cover the shipping cost To/From to the Repair Centre. Anything done after the initial one time repair/ replacement will be subject to the general repair, and replacement costs of $90.00 per hour along with cost of the replacement parts. This plan is valid for two years from date of purchase. A copy of the receipt and this certificate must be presented to receive any repair/replacement service. This plan does not cover water damage, although if the phone gets water damage and you would like it cleaned with our water damage solution we will do that, but this is not guaranteed to work. The Point of Contact service does not guarantee the delivery of the messages and NorthernAxcess will not be liable for any messages that are not delivered. NorthernAxcess will make all effort to deliver the messages and in the case of any message not delivered, you will be notified about the delivery status.

Product Reviews

  • Excellent Plan

    Posted by Elton Kelley on 3rd Sep 2016

    Bought the Protection Plan for my Iridium 9555 as insurance in case something went wrong eventhough my phone was in excellent condition as I've only used it ocassionally to make calls when sailing in International waters. Turns out that I needed a firmware update, a new battery, and new keyboard. These issues, including labor, would have cost me about twice what I paid for the plan. Additionally, I received a very detailed update while my phone was undergoing repair. Very happy with the plan, and Northernaxcess customer service.