NorthernAxcess is providing satellite communication services, & support to all latin markets, and opening up to its unique brand for franchising

Posted by NorthernAxcess Satellite Communications on 23rd Sep 2014

NorthernAxcess and its unique brand of satcomm is now broadening its reach by providing satellite communication services, equipment, and support to all latin markets such as, Mexico, Central America, South America, and Spain, and soon will be providing its latin clients with a separate spanish version of the NorthernAxcess website and brand so that these clients can now shop, view accounts, place orders, get support, and much more in their own native language. 

The latin markets is one of the fastest growing markets for satellite communication due to the lack of reliable cellular coverage, or even reliable land line telephones in such areas. So NorthernAxcess has taken a special interest in these areas by providing spanish speaking representatives, and technicians that are available to help, and provide support.

NorthernAxcess, which is owned by a HonduraƄa from Central America is also assisting other companies in these markets that are interested in, or already have their own satellite communication company, by providing training on equipment, as well as providing wholesale dealer costs for all satcom equipment and airtime. 

For those interested in bringing satellite communications to these lands or more, NorthernAxcess is opening its very unique brand for franchising in other countries. Those wanting to take advantage of the NorthernAxcess brand and name, they will be able to start their own branch, and take advantage of all the oportunities that NorthernAxcess has to offer, such as wholesale rates on all satcom equipment, service and repair, as well as being able to have NorthernAxcess provide them with all needed marketing images, designs, and even specialized designing for that certain branch. 

So NorthernAxcess has prepared a complete dealer price list of all products so that such companies in countries like Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, Baja California, Honduras, Argentina, and more may carry the NorthernAxcess brand, which has become a leader in the satellite field by making support a key feature, as well as making the understanding of the satcom industry easier to understand through the use of appealing marking, and design. So those interested in carrying brand can have their own service and support in their own lands, with knowing that they have a company that is there to help them in every way, and is available for such things as drop shipments to their customers, support, training for satellite phone service, and repair, installation for certain fixed satellite communication equipment, marketing material of their own in which they can request specialized designs, and much more. 

So if you have any questions about becoming a dealer, or carrying the NorthernAxcess brand, or if you just would like to get information on purchasing things like satellite phonesBGAN satellite internet terminals, VSAT, satellite airtime packages, or the new satellite wifi hotspot devices like the iridium GO, or the IsatHub Wideye iSavi, then feel free to call or email at anytime, and ask for one of our spanish speaking representatives, or technicians, and we would be glad to help.

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