MENA 500 minute 1 Year Prepaid Card Can Now Be Used With Iridium GO!

Posted by NorthernAxcess Satellite Communications on 15th Oct 2014

As of this week the Iridium MENA 500 minute 1 year prepaid card can now be used with the Iridium GO!. 

This is a great step in the direction of the iridium GO, and for iridium that it is going to be coming out with different prepaid cards for the iridium GO!, such as having regional specific lower cost cards like the MENA card that is good in Middle East, Asia, and North Africa areas (The MENA can also be used globally but at a higher cost per minute), and hopefully some other additions to the global prepaid arrangement that they have now, which is the 400 minute 6 month prepaid, and the 1000 minute 1 year prepaid cards.

With this notice of the use of the MENA prepaid card with the iridium GO! also comes some different rules in pricing. So basically if you use this prepaid card with the iridium GO for voice then it will work as it normally does on a call at minute for minute, however if you use it for data, then the rates will be much higher than the designated Iridium GO! 400, and 1000 data minute prepaid cards currently have. 

So this might be good for ones that are only using voice in those regional areas, or need data as an emergency basis only, because the voice rates for the areas on the MENA card are a lower per minute rate.

This is also good for those that already have this card and have been holding off on upgrading to the Iridium GO! because they didn't want to lose their minutes on their current prepaid card.

So hopefully Iridium will be managing their other prepaid cards such as the Africa, South America, Canada and Alaska, and the Norther America prepaid cards in the same way soon,..or even better, I would think that iridium would begin to release designated iridium GO! regional specific prepaid cards, due to the fact that they have always been very popular among the satellite handheld phones in the past.

So be on the lookout for changes coming soon, and for all details on the current allowing of the MENA card to be used with the Iridium GO, and its rates, then give us a call and speak with one of our on call techs 24/7, or visit our site at NorthernAxcess