Maritime Iridium Pilot Antenna ADE Kit

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Maritime Iridium Pilot Antenna Above Deck Unit  

NorthernAxcess & Iridium bring the Iridium Pilot Above Deck Unit Antenna (Dome Only) that can be purchased separetely with or without the mounting kit.  The Iridium Pilot is the successor to the popular maritime Iridium OpenPort terminal. The Pilot is built to withstand any conditions at sea.. freezing, blazing, rolling seas, massive rain, snow. It provides a reliable broadband Internet data connection as well as high-quality voice in one low-cost portable platform. Best of all, it has 100% pole-to-pole coverage keeping everyone connected anywhere on the globe.

Phone & Internet

Each Iridium Pilot can be used with 2 phones (one Captain, and one Crew Phone) that can make or receive calls from anyone in the world. It also can support multiple computers on its Ethernet network. Simply turn the system on and all connected computers may access the Internet at up to 134 Kbps.

Iridium Pilot Features:

  •  100% global... Even on the North and South poles
  •  Built for Extreme conditions - Heat, cold, wind, rain, rolling seas
  •  Three separate phone lines that can be used simultaneously. System ships with 2 phones.
  •  Calling cost are between $0.99/min to as low as $0.39 per minute.
  •  Incoming calls are free, however, calling party will be charged their provider's rates.
  •  Internet connectivity (up to 134 Kbps) for all connected computers (Ethernet DHCP).
  •  Easy to Install. Please review
  •  Flexible and attractive pricing packages
  •  Lightweight, low-profile
  •  5 Year limited warranty - Free

Powered by Iridium OpenPort broadband service

For ships large and small, the Iridium OpenPort broadband service offers highly reliable broadband voice and data communications priced to fit any budget. Connected to the world's largest and only truly global commercial communication network, providing pole-to-pole coverage for ships at sea, it works everywhere on the planet.

Looks After The Crew

Iridium Pilot's three independent phone lines increase retention by helping you keep the crew happy - there's no need to line up to call. Flexible and affordable prepaid options allow calling even at peak times (calling prices are identical at all hours).

Internet On The Poles

Since Iridium is 100% global, the Pilot happens to be the fastest way to connect to the Internet for those venturing into polar regions (134 Kbps). The system is designed for harsh frozen marine weather with operational temperatures of -22° to 158° F (-30° to +70° C)... so it's truly Polar Ready.

Industry Warranty*

*This product has been IN END OF LIFE / EOL by the manufacturer for many years, as it was officially replaced by the Iridium's NEW CERTUS LINE of Marine Terminals such as Iridium Thales Mission Link 700 or Iridium Thales Mission Link 200, or the Cobham Certus Terminal.

At this point any warranty available for this discontinued product is as the discretion of the seller if there is any warranty left on the terminal by the manufacturer. You can inquiry about the warranty at the time of purchase.


IPRS1201 Complete System Components Iridium Pilot Antenna (ADE) Antenna • Height: 9.06 in (230mm) • Diameter: 22.44 in (570mm) • Weight: 24.25 lbs (11kg) • Steering - Automatic, Solid State • Ships Motion - provides useful link margin up to 20° roll • Temperature -30° to +70° C (-22° to 158° F) • Wind - In excess of 100 MPH (161 KPH) with proper mounting • Environmental - IP 66 Compliant (Powerful water jets from any direction)

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