IsatHub Wideye iSavi delayed release due to hardware and software corrections

IsatHub Wideye iSavi delayed release due to hardware and software corrections

Posted by NorthernAxcess Satellite Communications on 22nd Sep 2014

IsatHub Wideye iSavi delayed release due to hardware and software corrections

AddValue's new Wideye iSavi iSatHub device has delayed its release to either the end of September, or beginning of October due to some hardware, and software issues, and upgrades.

Ever since the release of the iridium GO satellite wifi hotspot, there have been a wide variety of people waiting on inmarsats new iSatHub line of satellite wifi products, which will give those users a 384 kbps (3G speed) connection that they can connect via their smartphone, tablet, and even said to be able to connect to a laptop. 

As of now the iridium Go cannot connect to a laptop because they do not have an application that can be used in conjunction through the connection of the wifi hotspot, to make voice calls, email, text, and more through the use of an application on a standard PC or MAC. However it is said that Inmarsat has been studying all the things that people have said the iridium GO has lacked or needed, and has been delaying its release so that they can make up for all the areas where the iridium GO has lacked.

Already the iSatHub devices will be able to provide a 3G connection speed, in which iridium GO only provides mostly standard voice, texting, emailing, and some VERY slow ability to fetch a web page through the use of the highly compressed browser 'Opera Mini'. Although even downloading one page on this browser through the iridium GO takes almost perfect conditions for the device, such as perfect view of the sky, and between 4-5 steady bars of signal, and even in these conditions it still is very slow, and can time out. 

So for those that really want to connect remotely to their office computers, work from any location, and generally stay connected in every way, the arrival of the Wideye iSavi IsatHub deivce is highly anticipated. The Addvalue Wideye iSavi is the first in Inmarsat's line of iSatHub devices. Coham, the maker of the Explorer high speed BGAN satellite internet terminals, and Hughes, the maker of the latest more popular 9202 BGAN terminal is also said to be designing their own iSatHub satellite wifi devices for the inmarsat network.

All of these devices are the beginning of a major change in satellite technology, although inmarsat is definitely replying to iridium with their versions of a satellite smartphone wifi hotspot, and making up for features that iridiums system can hardly reproduce...That is until iridium puts up and installs their new iridium NEXT satellite system already in procecss, but until then it looks like the iSatHub devices will bring a worldwide connection to remember.

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