IsatHub iTalk 25 Monthly Airtime Plan

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IsatHub iTalk 25 Monthly Airtime Plan

The IsatHub iTalk 25 plan includes 25 Voice Minutes to use every month. This plan gives you a better rate for voice minutes than the iStarter Plan.

Note: Once you have purchased your monthly plan, you will receive an email with the Monthly Postpaid Agreement or you can download the agreement by clicking on the link below. You must sign the Monthly iSatHub Airtime Service agreement and return it to us via email to or fax to 1-866-657-5671 to activate your service. 

IsatHub Monthly Airtime Service Agreement Download (PDF )

After receiving signed agreement, the activation of service can take up to 48 hours. 

*All Inmarsat IsatHub Postpaid Sim Cards require a one time $50.00 Activation fee.

iSatHub iTalk Plan $49.99/ month. (Inc. 25 Voice Minutes/Month)

Monthly Airtime Features

  • Global Coverage
  • Free Incoming Direct
  • Free Incoming Text
  • Pay for What You Use
  • Monthly Call Records

Calling Rates

$0.89/min. Fixed or Cellular

$0.89/min. Inmarsat Network

$0.89/min. iSatHub Voicemail

$10.95/min. other Sat Networks

Data Rates & Services

$4.00/Megabyte Data Rate

$0.59 per Text/SMS

General Information

  • The IsatHub monthly service may be used worldwide over the global Inmarsat-4 satellite network.
  • The IsatHub AddValue Wideye iSavi is designed for use with Apple (iPhone / iPad) and Android operating systems.
  •  Incoming calls and SMS are free, however the calling parties are charged by their phone provider at satellite international telephone rates.
  • Voice calls within the monthly plans includes calls to Fixed, Cellular and On-Network. On-network calls are defined as: IsatHub, FleetBroadband, Swift Broadband, BGAN and all GSPS.
  •  Multiple Sim cards can share the same monthly subscription plan. Any additional sharing SIM card added to the plan, will have a monthly fee of $19.99.  Basically multiple users using one or more IsatHub Wideye iSavi terminals can share in one monthly subscription plan.

Terms and Conditions

  • We have 3, 6 or 12 months contract available for this plan. A signed service agreement is required to activate this service.
  • All monthly plans requires a one-time $50.00 activation fee. The monthly fee and usage will be billed monthly.
  • Subscriber must notify in writing 30 days in advance to cancel service. Notification can be send via email, fax, or mail.
  • This plan can only be used with the IsatHub Wideye iSavi Smartphone Wi-Fi Hotspot device.
  • All Monthly Airtime Rate Plans are subject to monthly System Access Fees and Taxes.
  • There is no rollover of unused voice and data for the allowance plans.
  • Multiple Sim Cards can share the same Monthly Plan. All sharing sim cards will have a monthly fee but will together be charged only one subscription monthly fee. For example: A customer activating an “iStart Plan” monthly plan with 5 Sim cards. The total monthly fee will be $125.94, made up of one “iStart” monthly fee of $25.99 plus 5 x $19.99 for the Sim Card monthly fee.
  • The Monthly Fees will be pro-rated in the month of activation. Deactivations are based in a full month.
  • The monthly fee is charged from the activation of the first sim card and will continue to apply until the last of any sim cards sharing the same monthly plan are deactivated.
  • Customer authorize NorthernAxcess to charge the credit card specified in the Inmarsat Isathub Monthly Airtime agreement for monthly subscriptions costs, calls, SMS, Data & overages. By buying this product customer also agree to NorthernAxcess Terms and Conditions.

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