Iridium Pushes Back Iridium Go! Release Another Week To Update Smartphone Applications

Posted by NorthernAxcess Satellite Communications on 22nd Jul 2014

Of course in true Iridium style, on Monday the 21st, which was the day that all Iridium GO! orders were supposed to be shipped out, Iridium decided to send out the following email listed below to all providers stating that they are pushing back the shipment another week due to updating of smartphone applications for Apple, and Android.

From iridium: "We are delaying shipments of the Iridium GO! units for up to a week in order to complete updated app submissions to Android and Apple stores. The new ship date will be July 28th or earlier and we will advise when shipments are occurring".

Unfortunately for companies like us who provide the support for all the satellite communications equipment, like the Iridium GO!, and deal with the actual end-user clients with everything from support, billing, service, airtime, and yes!...Preorders, we are the ones who get to tell all of our clients the news about the 1 week delay, which in all aspects doesn't that that huge, but some of our clients, and I know that plenty of others were depending on the first couple promised release dates.

The thing is that Iridium doesn't have to worry about speaking to any of the clients that have been long awaiting for months, or worry about having to spend money by sending out a rental for someone that absolutely needed 'something' by the date that was promised, but companies like us at NorthernAxcess, where what we tell our customers is, and will continue to be the best in support, and transparency as to the way things will be, what they need, and all costs involved, so that they feel comfortable with knowing we are behind them all the way. So when we have to keep telling our customers of push backs, clients start to wonder if we are telling the truth, and if they could get it somewhere else first, or if we truly understand how they feel.

Well,...we are here to tell all of our loyal customers, THANK YOU!, and that we do understand how you feel. Over-promising and under-delivering in any business is not good strategy. So If anything, it would be better for Iridium on the reverse of that, to tell us all from the beginning that it would not be until possibly the end of July, or beginning of August, and then if the shipments come early, then iridiums clients, NorthernAxcess's clients worldwide, and all other satellite communication vendors clients would feel overjoyed at the fact that you got something earlier than expected, which is a great feeling.

So if you, would like to discuss this fact to help change their releasing marketing strategy, you can always write them at Because especially since we are in the business of communication, we firmly believe that your voice matters.

As for now, the new release date is the 28th or before, and as far as all of our clients go, you can bet on the fact that all preorders are going out that same day, and as you already all know, we are here for you on anything anytime of day, so you can feel free to call, or email us