Iridium OpenPort Pilot ADE Mounting Bracket & Hardware

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Iridium OpenPort Pilot ADE Mounting Bracket & Hardware

This Iridium Openport Pilot ADE Mounting Bracket is the updated replacement, modified version supplied under then Iridium OpenPort: ADE Mounting Bracket and Power Supply replacement program.

Mounting Bracket for ADE Above Deck Antenna has advised of some instances where original versions of the antenna mounting bracket included with product shipped prior to August 2011 have shown signs of premature corrosion.

  • Customers with the original mounting bracket are advised to replace it with this newer reinforced version.
  • This redesigned mounting bracket can be identified by several key enhancements:
    • Increased wall thickness; coated with a new anti-corrosion paint process
    • Reinforced stiffeners and gussets not present on the original type mounting bracket
    • Improved water egress through cast relief points
    • Packaged with rubber gaskets and neoprene isolation washers to help reduce vibration fatigue and potential galvanic corrosion

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