Iridium & GPS Magnetic Antenna-RST705

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Iridium Dual Mode Iridium and GPS Magnetic Mount Antenna-RST705 / RST250

The Iridium Beam RST705/RST250 Iridium and GPS Magnetic Mount Antenna is suitable for Vehicle or Land based applications. Designed to work with other Dual Mode Iridium / GPS based devices and Beam docking stations or tracking products. With the Magnetic mount, the antenna is very easy to install and move from asset to asset and doesn’t require any holes to be drilled for fitting. Includes 6.0 m. of both Iridium & GPS antenna cable, making the RST705 budget friendly.
The Iridium Beam RST705 / RST250 is ideal for vehicles, trucks, trailers, ships, and fishing vessels that venture in harsh environments. It also operate in buildings with a clear view to the sky.

Product Features 
  •  Iridium approved 
  •  Designed for harsh environments 
  •  Small and lightweight 
  •  Dual Mode GPS / Iridium 
  •  Magnetic Mount, so no need to drill holes 
  •  Easy to Remove and Refit 
  •  Hermetically sealed.
Click here for 9M and 12M Antenna Cable.


Technical Specifications Part# RST705/RST250 • Frequency(Iridium): 11616 – 1626 MHz • Frequency(GPS): 1575.42+/- 5MHz • Polarization: Right Hand Circular • Axial Ratio: 3db Max at boresight • Amplifier Gain: Iridium: Passive GPS L1: 26db (35mA) • Voltage: Iridium: Passive GPS L1: 3VDC • Noise Figure: 2.5db max Impedance: 50 OHMS • VSWR: < 2.0 : 1 • Base Finish – Aluminum • Radome Finish – High Impact, white • Radome Length: 3.44in(8.37cm) • Radome Width: 2.19in(5.56cm) • Radome Height: 1.04in(2.064cm) • Radome+Cables Weight: 2.2lb(1.0kg) Max • IRIDIUM: Cable 19.6ft(6.0m) LMR240 / SMA/male connector to IR Device • GPS: Cable 19.6ft(6.0m) LMR240 / SMA/male connector to GPS Device • Operating Altitude: 20,000(6,000m) • Colour: White • Operating Temp: Celsius -40° to +70° or Fahrenheit -40° to 158°

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