Iridium GO Axcess Unlimited Monthly Airtime Plan

Price: $30.00

Iridium GO Axcess Unlimited Postpaid Monthly Airtime Plan

The Iridium GO Axcess Unlimited plan gives you Unlimited GO! Data and 150 Voice minutes to use every month. This plan gives you the freedom to use all the Go! data  minutes that you want wihtout worrries of overage GO data rates, unlimited text, and a great rate for voice and other data minutes.

Once you have purchased your monthly plan, you will receive an email with the Monthly Postpaid Agreement or you can download the agreement by clicking on the link below. You must sign the Monthly iridium GO! Airtime Service agreement and return it to us via email to or fax to 1-866-657-5671 to activate your service. 

Download Iridium GO! Monthly Airtime Service Agreement Here (PDF)

After receiving signed agreement, the activation can take up to 48 hours. We recommend requesting activation 48 hours prior to when you will actually need the airtime.

Iridium GO Axcess Unlimited Plan $137.59/Month

Monthly Airtime Features

  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Free Incoming Direct
  • Free Incoming Text
  • Pay for What You Use
  • USA Number
  • Monthly Call Records

Calling Rates & Fees

$1.10/min Iridium-Fixed Voice

$1.08/min Iridium - Iridium Voice

$1.08/min Iridium - Voicemail

$1.78/min 2 Stage Dialing

$1.93/min + Access Service

$10.95/min Other Sat Network

Data Rates

FREE Unlimited Data via Iridium Apps

$1.10/min Other Data Direct Internet

Unlimited text SMS

There is a first-time $30.00 activation fee for new Iridium GO! postpaid accounts

Additional Services 

  • Voicemail $4.99/month
  • USA Number + Access $10.99/month
  • Paper billing $6.50/month

General Inforamation

  • Iridium Go Data and Voice monthly service may be used worldwide with 100% pole-to-pole coverage.
  • The Iridium GO is designed for use with Apple (iPhone / iPad) and Android operating systems using applications.
  • The Iridium GO Phone Application assigns your smartphone a satellite phone number that can be used to make and receive calls.
  • Callers can reach you when you are out of cellular coverage by dialing your satellite phone or through the two dialing station platform.
  • Direct dialing incoming calls are free, however the calling parties are charged by their phone provider at satellite international telephone rates.
  • Voice and data usage are billed in 20 second increments.
  • The Iridium Router-Based Unrestricted Digital Internetworking Connectivity Solutions (RUDICS) data service is supported.

Terms and Conditions 

  • We have 6 or 12 months contract available for this plan. A signed service agreement is required to activate this service. 
  • Subscriber must notify in writing 30 days in advance to cancel service. Notification can be send via email, fax, or mail.
  • There is a $150.00 fee appplied for Early cancellation.
  • This plan can only be used with the Iridium GO! Smartphone WiFi Hotspot device.
  • All monthly plans requires a one-time $30.00 activation fee. The monthly fee and usage will be billed monthly.
  • All Monthly Airtime Rate Plans are subject to monthly System Access Fees and Taxes.
  • This plan includes Unlimited GO Data and 150 voice minutes per month.
  • Calls to voicemail are considered outgoing calls.
  • Customer authorize NorthernAxcess to charge the credit card specified in the Iridium GO! Monthly Airtime agreement for monthly subscriptions costs, calls, SMS, Data & overages. By buying this product customer also agree to NorthernAxcess Terms and Conditions.

Product Reviews

  • Best value for money

    Posted by Damien Hirsch on 6th Oct 2016

    After speaking with northernaxcess this was the best choice for me offering me 150 minutes of calls and unlimited data connection for emails, weather and Facebook posts you cant go wrong.
    fast postage and very quick activation i had the service up and running within minutes of receiving my iridium go device

    if you going to get an iridium go then this is the best plan to be on.