Iridium 9603N SBD Transceiver

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Iridium 9603N Short Burst Data Transceiver

One-fourth the volume and half the footprint of the Iridium 9602N, the innovative Iridium 9603N transceiver combines the global coverage of the Iridium satellite constellation with the low latency of the Iridium Short Burst Data Service to provide highly reliable satellite communications from pole to pole.

With the smallest form factor of any commercial satellite transceiver available today, the Iridium 9603 is ideal for space-constrained applications including monitoring, tracking and alarm systems. It is also highly affordable, costing just slightly more than the previous-generation Iridium 9602N.

Delivering two-way communications on a remarkable scale, the Iridium 9603N transceiver further expands the Iridium connected user base worldwide.

How it Works

A single-board, Iridium-built core transceiver, the Iridium Connected 9603N transceiver comes in ‘black box’ format. All device interfaces are provided through a single multi-pin interface connector and antenna connector, with additional end-user field application functions (GPS, microprocessor-based logic control, digital and analog inputs and outputs, power supply and antenna) provided by the solution developer.

Iridium 9603N Transceiver Key Feautures

  • Light weight (11.4 grams)
  • Small single board transceiver (34.5mm X 29.6mm X 8.1mm)
  • RS232 Interface (Simple AT command interface)
  • Single header connector for Power & On/Off Control
  • Iridium® Short Burst Data service
  • Low, uniform global latency (less than 1 minute)
  • Mobile originated messages up to 340 bytes
  • Mobile terminated messages up to 270 bytes
  • Iridium Global Network Available
  • Coverage in areas not serviced by cellular

Iridium SBD Transceiver 9603 Support Documents


Iridium SBD Transceiver 9603 Overview Document


Part # SBD3M1201 Or 9603N Tech Specs Pole-to-pole global coverage Single-board transceiver Very small form factor offers unmatched flexibility Single header connector for: Power On/off control Logical level asynchronous UART control Network availability Simple AT command interface No SIM card Designed to be incorporated into an OEM solution Automatic notification to the transceiver that a mobile-terminated message is queued at the gateway Mechanical Length 31.5 mm Width 29.6 mm Depth 8.1 mm Weight 11.4 g Environmental Operating temperature range -30ºC to +70ºC Operating humidity range ≤ 75% RH Storage temperature range -40ºC to +85ºC Storage humidity range ≤ 93 % RH RF Parameters Frequency range 1616 MHz to 1626.5 MHz Duplexing method TDD (Time Domain Duplex) Input/output impedance 50 Ω Multiplexing method TDMA/FDMA VSWR return loss 3:1 from 1.2 GHz to 2 GHz DC Power Input Supply input voltage range 5.0V +/- .2V DC Supply input voltage ripple <40mV pp Idle current (average*) 45 mA Idle current (peak) 195 mA Transmit current (peak) 1.5 A Transmit current (average*) 190 mA Receive current (peak) 195 mA Receive current (average*) 45 mA SBD message transfer - average current* 190 mA SBD message transfer - average power* <= 1.0 W

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