Iridium 9602 Voyager

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Iridium 9602 Voyager

The 9602 Voyager was developed to control the 9602 SBD transceiver, and incorporates several useful peripherals and interfaces to meet a wide range of applications. These peripherals include an industry-leading GPS, a 3-axis accelerometer, analog-to-digital inputs, digital I/O, an RS232 serial interface and on-board storage memory, all controlled by a powerful microprocessor preloaded with a highly configurable application that meets many application requirements, the simplest being a GPS tracking application, which allows track data to be viewed on a web interface with maps overlay.


Part #: NAX-IR-9602-VY Weight as shown: 56g/2oz. Weight with antennas: 75g/2.6oz. Full tracking solution weight, with battery for 2200 transmitted positions: 170g/6oz

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