Hughes HNS 9201 BGAN Satellite Data Terminal

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Hughes HNS 9201 BGAN Satellite Internert Terminal

Hughes HNS 9201 BGAN Internet Terminal is rugged and lightweight terminal that provides  high-speed connectivity to the internet up to 492 kbps, email, steaming up to 256kps,and simultaneous voice and broadband data. The Hughes 9201 BGAN terminal is user friendly and is easy to carry anywhere. This compatible terminal operates on Inmarsat’s BGAN global communications service.

The  Hughes 9201 enables simultaneous IP packet and circuit-switched data communications via standard USB, Ethernet, ISDN, and 802.11 WLAN interfaces.Which means handheld wireless devices (iPhone, Windows Mobile 5-6, Blackberry etc.) or any other device with wireless capabilities can be connected to the HUGHES-9201 via the terminals ability to automatically grant an IP address and internet access once a device has properly connected to the Wi-Fi and entered the WEP key. This internet modem can provide quick access to different standard data applications and can be set up in a temporary office in remote areas,  

The Hughes 9201 offers a powerful IP-compatible gateway for corporate teams to stay connected and to share critical information virtually anywhere in the world.


  • 492 kbps IP data (transmit & receive)
  • ISDN voice (4 kbps)
  • ISDN data (64 kbps)
  • Allows simultaneous use of all interfaces (Ethernet, USB, ISDN and WLAN)
  • WLAN access point
  • Multi-user capability (up to 11 simultaneous sessions)
  • Selectable Quality of Service (32, 64, 128, 256 kbps or X-stream)
  • Full IP compatibility—email, file transfer (FTP), VPN, browsing, etc.
  • Compatible with all VPNs
  • Cost-effective “always-on” access—only charged for data sent and received
  • Web MMI is accessible via Wi-Fi-enabled smart phones
  • Auto context activation features allows PDP contexts to be activated without user action
  • Easy to install and connects in minutes
  • UMTS IP-based services
  • ISDN supplementary services

 Box Contents for the Hughes 9201  BGAN Internet Terminal at NorthernAxcess

 Hughes 9201  BGAN Terminal
 Li-ion battery
 AC/DC Power Supply
 Travel Adapter
 USB Cable
 Ethernet Cable
 ISDN Cable
 User Guide & Installation on CD


SPECIFICATIONS Weight •2.8kgs (6.2lbs) Dimensions •345mm L x 275mm W x 50mm D •(13.6in L x 10.8in W x 2.0in D) Interfaces •USB •Ethernet •WLAN access point (up to 100m) - 802.11b - Encryption (WEP) - DHCP •ISDN 64kbps - 3.1kHz audio - RDI & UDI User access •Activated via 3G compatible SIM card User interfaces PC: BGAN LaunchPad •On terminal: Audio and LED Power supply •AC or DC External power •20 Volts DC, 110 - 240 Volts AC Battery life •Typical use Transmit: 162Mb via Ethernet •Receive: 864Mb via Ethernet •Stand-by time: 36 hours Battery type •Lithium-ion. Rechargeable Input voltage •11.1 Volts DC Standard IP •Background class of service •Send: Up to 492kbps over a shared channel •Receive: Up to 492kbps over a shared channel Streaming IP •Send: 32, 64, 128, 256kbps BGAN X-StreamTM •Receive: 32, 64, 128, 256kbps , BGAN X-StreamTM •Multiple IP streaming sessions simultaneously ISDN data •UDI/RDI (64kbps) SMS •160 characters Voice •4kbps •3.1kHz audio Supplementary Services •Voicemail •Call forwarding •Call barring •Call waiting •Call holding Part#: 3500059-0001

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5 MB Plan:
Inc. 5 MB per Month / $6.65 MB / $0.99 Voice min. / $0.90 SMS / Contract - 12 Months Minimum
21 MB Plan:
Inc. 21 MB per Month / $5.80 MB / $0.96 Voice min / $0.90 SMS / Contract - 3 Months Minimum
100 MB Plan:
Inc. 100 MB per Month / $5.10 MB / $0.92 Voice min / $0.90 SMS / Contract -6 Months Minimum
750 MB Plan:
Inc. 750 MB per Month / $4.50 MB / $0.90 Voice min / $0.80 SMS / Contract - 12 Months Minimum
2105 MB Plan:
Inc. 2105 MB per Month / $3.20 MB / $0.80 Voice min / $0.80 SMS / Contract -12 Months Minimum
Activation Fee:
All monthly plans requires a one-time $50.00 activation fee. (Automatically added when you purchase a plan.)
Activation Process:
Once you have purchased your monthly BGAN plan, you must sign the agreement and return it to us via email or fax to activate your service.

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