Hughes 9201 Fixed Mount Kit

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 Hughes 9201 Fixed Mount Kit

The Hughes BGAN Fixed Mount Kit allows you to permanently mount the terminal if this option is desired.

This Mount Kit is a simple cost effective solution to externally mount the antenna, mount it to a wall, roof or pole. Easy to install with the step by step guide included. 

The fixed mount kit consists primarily of a tubular pole mount assembly with mounting brackets on each end. The base bracket attaches to the roof or other structure and the terminal bracket attaches to the BGAN terminal. Power and network cables are included. 

This product is compatible with Hughes HNS 9201 BGAN Internet Terminal

Box Contents of the Hughes 9201 Basic Fixed Mount Kit

  • Fix mount standhughes-9201-bgan-fixed-mounting-kit-right-view.jpg

  • Tamper Proof hardware,

  • Tamper Proof wrenches and bits

  • Ground cable, 30 meter ISDN/Ethernet cables,

  • 30 meter AC/DC power extension cable

  • Compass

  • Level

  • Quick Start User Guide

The fasteners for securing the base bracket to the structure are not provided as part of the mounting kit.

To learn more about the Hughes 9201 Mounting Kit click on the Link below.

Hughes 9201 Mounting Kit Manual


You may install the fixed mount on any structurally sound surface; either on a horizontal, or vertical, or a sloped surface such as a roof or wall. 1. The pole has a 1.66” (4.2164cm) outer diameter (schedule 40 metal). 2. The pole mount is 2lbs/0.9Kg. 3. The azimuth/elevation bracket is 1 lb/0.45Kg. 4. The wall mounting pattern has four bolts in a 6” x 3 ¾” (15.24cm x 9.525cm) rectangle. Part # 3004066-001

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