Hughes 9201/9502 M2M Basic Fixed Mount kit

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Hughes 9201/9502 M2M Basic Fixed Mount kit

The Huges 9201/9502 M2M Basic Mount Kit is a cost effective fixed stand solution for the 9201, 9502 M2M antenna. This kit is designed to support the permanent external/outdoor installation of the Flat panel Antenna.


  • Make suitable grounding and lightning protection arrangement to minimize the possibility of injury or damage.
  • Do not employ an installation location which is likely to experience a lightning strike and make suitable grounding and lightning protection arrangements to minimize the possibility of injury or damage.
  • Professional local advice should be sought with respect to these matters.
  • Refer to all warnings and user advice in the instruction manual provided. 
  • If the Antenna will be subject to severe conditions, ie. Extreme Heat, Ice/snow etc, you will need the NEMA 4x Enclosure as well.
  • Distance to the Antenna position is restricted by the 10m(32.8ft) length specific cable kit.
  • If you want to external mount your 9201 Terminal, use Fixed Mount Kit part# HN-01-3004066-0001

This product is compatible with 

-Hughes 9201 External Flat Panel Antenna Hughes 9502 series-HN-01-9501286-1
-Hughes 9502 Fixed Satellite Terminal-HN-00-3500563-0001
-Hughes 9502 Flat Panel Antenna-HN-01-3500564-0001
-4x Enclosure for extreme environments-HN-01-3004134-1

Box Contents of the Hughes 9201/9502 Basic Fixed Mounting Kit

Fix mount stand

Ground cable


Installation Guide


You may install the fixed mount on any structurally sound surface; either on a horizontal, or vertical, or a sloped surface such as a roof or wall. 1. The pole has a 1.66” (4.2164cm) outer diameter (schedule 40 metal). 2. The pole mount is 2lbs/0.9Kg. 3. The azimuth/elevation bracket is 1 lb/0.45Kg. 4. The wall mounting pattern has four bolts in a 6” x 3 ¾” (15.24cm x 9.525cm) rectangle. Part# 3004066-0002

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