Cobham BGAN Explorer 300/500/700/710 DC Car Charger

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Cobham BGAN Explorer 300/500/700/710 DC Car Charger

This genuine car charger for the Cobham Thrane Explorer series 300/500/700/710 allows you to charge your terminal from your car while you are on the road or on any 12V outlet. Once the charge is complete you will have 3 hours of conectivity.


This product is compatible with Cobham Explorer 300 BGAN Terminal, Cobham Explorer 500 BGAN Terminal, Cobham Explorer 700 BGAN Terminal and Cobham Explorer 710 BGAN Data Terminal


• Part #TT-01-403650A-009 • Battery: Lithium ion, rechargeable • Voltage 10.95 Volt • Capacity: 5700 mAh • Stand-by time: 36h, 250C / 770F • Recharge time: 2hr30m • Charge temperature: 00C to +450C / 320F to +1130F Charging Time • Tx time, max: 2h30m @ 144 kbps, 1h30m @ 492 kbps • Rx time, max: 3h30m @ 492 kbps

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