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Buy Iridium Go Prepaid Airtime Now With the Device and Save

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Iridium Go Airtime and what you should know

We have finally got all the prices of the new Iridium Go Prepaid Airtime, and are releasing the Iridium Go airtime as separate purchases, which will be a different price than if you buy the airtime at the same time as pre-ordering the device. 

As of right now the device itself is $849.99, however after release it will go up to the retail price of around $949-$999.

Currently the prices for the iridium GO prepaid airtime is as follows: 

  • 500 Minute Voice / 1000 Unit Data Voucher - $699.99 -12 Months (save $20 now)
  • 1000 Minute Voice / 2000 Unit Data Voucher - $1349.99 -1 Year (save $109 now)

As you can see you end up saving when you buy the device and the airtime at the same time. Below is the monthly Iridium GO airtime Packages which will have a $4.99 per month savings when you also buy the iridium Go at the same time. *The below monthly prices are the prices without buying the GO at the same time.

Iridium Go Monthly Airtime Packages

  • Axcess 5:  $49.99 per month / includes 5 data minutes / $1.49 per min voice flat rate / As of now no yearly contract  is needed *minimum of 2 months is required though / 0 SMS minutes included
  • Axcess Unlimited: $135.99 per month / Unlimited data minutes included / Unlimited SMS minutes included / $1.49 per min voice flat rate / As of now no yearly contract is needed *minimum of 2 months is required though 

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