Beam ISD700 IsatDOCK Fixed Passive Antenna

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Beam IsatDOCK Fixed Passive Antenna-ISD700

The IsatDock Fixed Passive Antenna ISD700 dual mode Inmarsat & GPS antenna is designed for land applications. This passive antenna connected to the IsatDock and an Antenna Cable allows you to use the Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro and Isatphone 2 indoors or below decks. Compatible with Beam's docks and Terra terminals. The ISD700 dual mode directional/fixed antenna is supplied with U-bolts that enables it to be securely mounted on to a pole

The directional/fixed antenna is fitted with an SMA female connector for GPS and a SMA for Inmarsat.


  • High quality Fixed antenna
  • Passive Antenna
  • Pole / Mast mounting
  • SMA / SMA
  • Directional


Technical Specifications Dimensions / Weight .Height – 23.1cm .Width – 14.2 cm .Length – 14.2 cm .Weight – 0.9kg Power •No Power required •Passive antenna Temperature: -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F) Rx Frequency Band: Inmarsat Receive (extended): 1518.0 to 1525.0 MHz Inmarsat Receive (operational): 1525.0 to 1559.0 MHz 1575.42 ± 10.25 MHz (GPS L1) Tx Frequency Band: Inmarsat Transmit (operational): 1626.5 to 1660.5 MHz Inmarsat Transmit (extended): 1668.0 to 1675.0 MHz Part # ISD700

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