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Beam Iridium Active Cable Kits- 23M/34M/52M/69M/90M

  • Beam Iridium active cable kit

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BEAM Iridium Active Cable Kit 23M/34M

Beam Iridum active antenna cable provides a flexible installation option for all types of installations when used with the BEAM Iridium Active Antenna (RST740).

BEAM RST944 23.0 m. (75.5 feet) - LMR195 Cable 5mm diameter- Includes 1.5m RG58LL Amp Lead

BEAM RST945 34.0 m. (111.5 feet) - LMR240 Cable 6.1 mm in Diameter - Includes 1.5m  RG58LL Amp Lead

BEAM RST946 52.0 m. ( 170.6 feet) - LMR400UF 10 mm in Diameter Cable - Includes 1.5m RG58LL Amp Lead. 7 kg Weight

BEAM RST947 69.0 m. ( 226.37 feet) - LMR600 15mm Diameter Cable, +2x3 LMR240UF fly leads. Includes 1.5m RG58LL Amp Lead. 16kg Weight

BEAM RST948 90.0 m. (295.27 feet) - LCF7850J 28 mm Cable, + 2x7m LMR240UF fly leads. Includes 1.5m RG58LL Amp Lead. 45kg Weight


Part # RST944 23.0 m. (75.5 feet)
Part # RST945 34.0 m. (111.5 feet)
Part # RST946 52.0 m. (170.6 feet)
Part # RST947 69.0 m. (226.37 feet)
Part # RST948 90.0 m. (295.27 feet)

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