Beam DriveDOCK Extreme 9575 Docking Station w/Antenna & Cable

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Beam DriveDOCK Extreme 9575 Mobile Docking Station-Includes Antenna & Cable

NorthernAxcess offers customers the Beam DriveDock Extreme Go Anywhere Kit so you do not have to shop around for docking station accessories. Get it all at once and Save Money..

Note: Iridium Extreme Satellite Phone sold separately.

Beam DriveDock Go Anywhere Kit includes

  • Beam DriveDOCK Extreme Unit
  • RST710 Mast Mount Antenna 
  • RST932 6.0 m. Cable kit

Beam DriveDOCK Extreme 9575

The Beam DriveDOCK Extreme docking station provides a high quality transport installation for the Iridium Extreme 9575 satellite phone. The docking station has in-built echo cancelling and full duplex technologies to provide superior voice quality and professional hands-free or privacy calls for any vehicle or vessel.

Beam Mast Mount Antenna RST710

The Beam Pole Mount Antenna RST710 is used for Maritime based applications. Designed to work with Beam Iridium products and will work with other Iridium based devices.  The antenna cable connection is inside the antenna and protected from harsh environments.

RST932 6.0 m. Cable kit.

Beam 6.0m Cable Kit can be used with Iridium and Beam line of products to extend access from either the Iridium satellite phone, vehicle, aero, fixed, or marine units to an exterior antenna. These cable kits are simple to install on Iridium devices.

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