AxcessMail - Email & Weather Over Satellite Phone / BGAN Terminals

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AxcessMail - Email & Weather Over Satellite Phone / BGAN Terminals

AxcessMail and our software partners UUPlus offer reliable and cost effective email and file transfer over satellite phones or BGAN internet terminals. Sending and Receiving Email from a satellite phone can be a very difficult and an expensive task. Most satellite phones connect at low bandwidth speeds of 2400 to 9600 baud and can measure latency (the time it takes for a piece of information to travel from one computer to another) in seconds rather than milliseconds. While standard Internet protocols can operate under low bandwidth, high latency conditions, they are just not optimized for such conditions.

AxcessMail is easy to set up giving you an email account, weather reports and location status. You will have access to a custom software that supports most satellite networks including Inmarsat (IsatPhone and BGAN), Iridium (all satellite phones), Globalstar, Thuraya, and Mobile Satellite Ventures. This software will work with most POP compatible mailers such as Outlook Express, Eudora, or Pegasus Mail. Now you can keep your satellite phone airtime cost to a minimum for email services!

This software is one of the best satellite email and messaging software in the industry and was designed and developed by UUplus.


This service is designed for individual use and or small groups in need of only one email address. Personal service is easy to set up but can also give flexibility for advanced users. You can send and receive email over satellite phones. It does have a simplified mailer, but is designed to work in conjunction with your POP compatible mailer. You can prepay online for this type of subscription and you will receive the credentials that you need to enter when installing the software. Contact one of our representatives at 1-877-299-9931 or email us at for more information.

 *Email addresses are in the form ""*



AxcessMail- Windows .EXE (Vista - Win 7)


AxcessMail- Mac (OS X Intel and Non-Intel)


AxcessMail- Linux OS


AxcessMail Set up instructions




Calling Locations: AxcessMail can be configured to use several different modems or connection types based on available services at your current location.

Automatic Download: You can specify the size of emails you want to receive and the software will download all email messages under the specified size and once all mail has been sent and received it will automatically hang-up.This is very useful when the user is switching between two dialing locations of different bandwidth and cost levels.

Interactive Download: In this display the user can decide whether to download, delete, or ignore any of the messages listed. This interactive mode is very useful to determine what is in the user's mailbox, but typically will slightly increase the amount of off-hook time used in downloading mail.

Max Size Limit: You can specify a maximum size limit for the user's account. Any email messages over the set size limit will be returned to the sender with an explanation why or forwarded to a user specified email address.

Trusted Address List: Any email address listed here will bypass the max message size limit.

Inbound Mail Filter: This is a user defined junk mail filter. The server will reject any email message matching an address, domain, keyword, or phrase in this list.

OK List: The Ok-List is a "white list" used for junk mail filtering. If this option is checked, the server will keep track of each address the user sends mail to and add that address to the white list. Any email message coming from an address not in this list will be put in hold status. The user will receive a summary email of every message placed on hold.

Minimize Message Filter: This filter removes unnecessary HTML formatting and message header information before transfer. This reduces the size of the email message, making it less expensive to download..

SMS Notification: Receive SMS notifications when new emails arrives, or emails from a certain address arrives, or when inbox reaches certain size.

 *NOTE: AxcessMail is partnered with UUPlus to design the email software for NorthernAxcess. UUPlus is one of the best compression satellite email software programs on the market, and has been the backbone for many other satellite email platforms for many years. For complete information on our partnered software you can go to . All info setup, and instructions are also on this page.

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