ASE-DK075 Iridium 9555 Docking Station

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Applied Satellite Engineering DK075 Docking Station for the Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone 

The ASE DK075 Docking Station provides an exceptional solution for using your 9555 Iridium satellite phone indoors and outdoors. Just dock your 9555 Iridium phone in the docking station and you can access satellite communications with standard analog phone sets or PBX system. You can use this docking station in your office, vehicle or vessel operating through the reliable Iridium satellite network that offers global coverage from pole to pole.  When you need to leave the office, just un-dock your satellite phone and take it with you. Always be in touch outside or indoors.

The docking station’s advanced ergonomic design, small footprint, and array of attractive and up-to-the minute safety features place the ASE-DK075 into a league of it’s own. This docking station is simple to install with no extra components to hide which keeps installation uncluttered.

Product Featuresase-dk075-docking-station-for-iridium-9555-satellite-phone.jpg

RJ11 Connect (ASE-DK075 only) - Connects to an analog phone (single or PBX) including multihandset wireless phones. Use of a cordless phone with expandable handsets can provide up to eight units within a two-mile range (unobstructed) from the base station.

Handset Connect - Corded Intelligent Handset (optional) offers a convenient wall-mount privacy Handset with audio enhancement circuitry to provide excellent voice quality.

USBConnect - USB port for data connections including Internet connection with Direct Internet 2.0.

Built-In Charger - Keeps handset fully charged for immediate use when un-docked.

Real-time System Status Indicators - Large Icons allow status viewing from 25'.

Innovative Features

Smart Dialing - The Docking Station knows the correct format for the country that is being dialed and places the call once the number is entered. Smart Dialing eliminates the superfluous "00" IDD code (no more international dialing sequence).

Simple Operation - The Docking Station combines clear LED status lights with the Iridium handset's graphical display for setup, troubleshooting, programming, and operation.

Base Station Ringer - Audible ringing to alert of incoming calls.

Versatile Power Input - 9 - 36 VDC input range supports power systems on most vehicles and vessels. An included universal power adapter allows 100 - 240VAC, 47 - 63 Hz operation. A DC Vehicle adapter is also included.

Antenna Options - Can be used with many antennas, including fixed-mast, mobile fixed-mount, and mobile magnetic-mount models.


Technical Specifications Model: ASE-DK075 Dimensions 9.75” x 5.50” x 3.25” (LxWxH) \Weight 1.4 lbs Mounting Direct wall mount Universal Mounting Operating Temperature Range – 15°C to + 70°C Operating Voltage Range 9 – 36 VDC unregulated Mini USB RJ-11 RJ-45 Power Input Reset Button

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