ASE-9575 Extreme /PTT Extreme Docking Station w/ External Speaker/Mic

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ASE-9575 Extreme/PTT Docking Station w/External Speaker & Mic (Vehicular/Marine)


Enhances Iridium Extreme™ Handset
The ASE Extreme Dock supports and enhances the power of the 9575 handset by coupling external Iridium and GPS signals and exposing all handset ports and buttons to the user when docked. This includes easy access to the SOS emergency button. The ASE Extreme Dock securely locks the handset in place and provides a latching connection to eliminate vibration and ensure reliable communications even in the most rugged conditions. The Dock fully supports all location and tracking features including Iridium Extreme™ portal providers and partners of location-based services (LBS).

This product is compatible with Iridium 9575 Extreme Satellite Phone and  Iridium Extreme PTT

Innovative Voice and Data Connections
A variety of voice connections are possible with the ASE Extreme Dock which features a ‘unique to the industry’ palm held speaker/mic with push-to-talk (PTT) operation that is familiar with many first responders and security personnel. Other voice interfaces include standard speaker/mic for in-vehicle hands-free operation, privacy intelligent handset, and optional POTS/RJ-11 for long distance solutions, wireless handsets, and office PBX integration. ASE’s exclusive SmartDial feature further simplifies satellite dialing from both the POTS/RJ-11 and privacy handset interfaces.

For data use, the ASE Extreme Dock supports SMS text messaging and provides a direct USB connection to the 9575 handset, requiring no additional drivers or upgrades beyond the standard Iridium handset driver. Additionally, this port fully supports Iridium’s AxcessPoint to provide a global Wi-Fi hotspot for devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, connecting users in ways never before possible.

Antenna Solutions
The ASE Extreme Dock accepts a male TNC for Iridium and a male SMA for GPS (mag-mount GPS antenna included). Therefore, in-vehicle applications require no additional antennas when used together with Iridium’s mag-mount antenna supplied with their handset. For non-vehicle applications, ASE offers a variety of marine and dual-mode antenna solutions.

Intelligent Star8™ Diagnostics
To assist with the often overlooked, yet critical aspects of antenna placement, obstructions, and cable lengths, ASE developed Star8™ Diagnostics. Once an installer or end user activates our Star8™ features on site, diagnostic records are created, including: an instant report, a time-lapsed report, and a time-lapsed assessment that factors in satellite orbits. These evaluations are readily accessible by the user and may be shared with the service provider’s technical team, who then can remotely assess the health and robustness of their particular voice and data connections. Star8™ features are accessible via the privacy handset and POTS/RJ-11 interfaces.

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General Features for the ASE-9575 Extreme Docking Station w/ External Speaker/Microphone

  • Hands-Free Operation
  • GPS Reporting
  • SMS Texting
  • Single All-In-One Compact Design
  • SOS Messaging
  • Iridium Voice Communication
  • Battery Charger
  • Supports Iridium WiFi Access Point

The following part numbers add POTS

UPGRADE- Call for more information.

ASE-9575P-9575 Extreme Docking Station w/POTS and GPS.

ASE-9575P-E2 -9575 Extreme Docking Station w/POTS, GPS, and External Speaker / Microphone

ASE-9575P-H-9575 Extreme Docking Station w/POTS, GPS, and Intelligent / Privacy Handset                                                    

ASE-9575P-E1-9575 Extreme Docking Station w/POTS, GPS, and ExternalSpeaker / Microphone

Box Content of the ASE-9575 Extreme Docking Station w/ External Speaker/Mic

  • ASE POTS 9575/PTT Extreme Docking Station  
  • RAM Mount Swivel Mount
  • External Speaker, Palm Held Speaker/Mic.
  • AC/DC Transformer and AC Cord
  • User Manual

Note: You can add Intelligent handset. 



Part #ASE-9575-E1 Dimensions: 6.67” x 2.75” x 2.5” (LxWxH) Weight: 1.5 lbs Mounting: Direct wall mount or Universal Mounting (see accessories) Operating Voltage Range: 9 - 36 VDC unregulated Power Consumption: 12 watts peak Operating Temperature Range: -15°C to + 70°C Exposure: Dry, protected location per IEC 60945

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