Iridium Motorola 9500 Satellite Phone w/Antenna & Satchel-Used/Refurb

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Iridium 9500 Motorola Satellite Phone Kit-(Inc. antenna adapter, portable auxiliary antenna, & satchel)

NorthernAxcess offers the Iridium Motorola Iridium 9500 satellite phone travel kit to keep you connected with the world. This kit includes the antenna adapter and the portable auxiliary antenna to use the satellite phone inside your house or vehicle. We provide high quality refurbished and used satellite phones.

The Iridium Motorola 9500 was the first satellite phone made for the Iridium network. This satellite phone operates with the Iridium network that is the most reliable network in the industry. This 9500 phone provides global, reliable voice and data in areas outside of cellular network coverage, or in places with poor landline services.

You can purchase a used or refurbished Iridium Motorola 9500 satellite phone at a lower price because is the oldest model of the iridium satellite phones; although it is certainly good quality phone for any type of use offering a reliable communication anywhere you are. We have competitive prices for used and refurbished satellite phones, count with a 24/7 support team and the most qualified repair centre in the satellite communication industry. We also carry a full inventory of accessories for this phone. 

**Refurbished and Used Satellite Phones come with a 90 Day Warranty.

Iridium 9500 Airtime Options

NorthernAxcess offers very competitive prices on airtime and if you purchase any Iridium satellite phone, we will waive the activation fee of the prepaid airtime. Buy an Iridium Satellite Phone plus Prepaid Airtime and Save Money..

Iridium Prepaid Sim Cards: Have the same rates for all countries and continents.

Iridium Regional Sim Cards: Specialty cards for specific areas with lower rates per minutes for Africa, Latin America, Middle East, Alaska and Canada.

Iridium Worldwide Monthly Plans: These plans offer global communications coverage. You will pay a monthly service fee and minutes used.

Learn more about Iridium Satellite Phones Airtime.

Box Contents of the Iridium 9500

  • Iridium Motorola 9500 Handset iridium-9500-satellite-sale-at-northernaxcess.jpg
  • High Capacity Battery
  • External Battery Charger. (Battery can only be charged outside the phone.)
  • Auxiliary antenna adapter
  • Portable Auxiliary antenna
  • Quick Start Guide 
  • Green Carrying Bag 

Iridium 9500 Key Features

10 Dedicated Control Keys for easy operation
Clock - displays home and travel time
Dedicated Keypad Cover
Data Capable - Use your satellite phone to transmit data with an optional RS232 adapter
Removable Satellite Antenna
Weighs less than 16 ounces
Multi-Language Support choices for prompts 

Iridium 9500 Calling Features 

VibraCall Alert
Selectable Keypad tone (3 choices)
Selectable Ringer tone (10 choices)
Volume Adjustment (earpiece or ringer)
Auto Redial Notification
Call Barring
Call Forwarding - Unconditional, mobile subscriber busy, subscriber not reachable
Clear Last Digit/Clear All Digits
International Access Key Sequence (+ key)
Master Clear
Master Reset
Mailbox for Numeric & Text (120 characters)
Quick Access Interface
Unanswered Call Indicator


Iridium network is a system of 66 LEO (Low Earth Orbiting) active satellites covering the entire earth’s surface moving from pole to pole used for worldwide voice and data communication from hand-held satellite phones and other transceiver units. The Iridium network covers the whole Earth, including poles, oceans and airways. There are many coverage maps depicting the iridium satellite network, but ultimately the iridium network is the only completely true global network available.The design of the Iridium network allows voice and data messages to be routed anywhere in the world. Voice and data calls are relayed from one satellite to another until they reach the satellite above the Iridium handset or terminal and the signal is relayed back to Earth. When an Iridium customer places a call from a handset or terminal, it connects to whatever satellite happens to be overhead, and is relayed among satellites around the globe to whatever satellite is above the appropriate Earth gateway, which downlinks the call and transfers it to the global public voice network or Internet so that it reaches the recipient.

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Iridium 9500 Satellite Phone Support Documents

Iridium 9500 Satellite Phone Quick Start Guide, User Guides- CLICK HERE

Iridium Satellite Phones Calling Tips - CLICK HERE


Specifications Model: Iridium Motorola 9500 •Provides up to 20 hours of standby time with a standard battery •Provides up to 2 hours of talk time with a standard battery •4 X 16 illuminated graphic display •32 Character Optimax EL electroluminescent display •Auto Redial Notification * Clear Last Digit/Clear All Digits Mailbox for Numeric & Text (120 characters) •International Access Key Sequence (+ key) •VibraCall Alert •Volume Adjustment (earpiece or ringer) •Last 10 Numbers Dialed * 100 Alpha and Numeric Memory Storage •One-Touch Dialing •Battery Meter and Low Battery Warning •Automatic Display Call Timer * Illuminated Keypad •Signal Strength Meter
Axcess 10:
Inc.10 min+10 SMS per Month / Overage $1.30 per min. / SMS $0.59
Axcess 75:
Inc. 75 min. per Month / Overage $1.20 per min. / SMS $0.35
Axcess 150:
Inc. 150 min. per Month / Overage $1.20 per min. / SMS Unlimited.
Activation Fee:
All monthly plans requires a one-time $50.00 activation fee. (Automatically added when you purchase a plan.)
3 Month Short Term Plan:
This plan requires a 3-month minimum term commitment*. (Additional $8.99/Month)
12 Month Plan:
This plan requires a 12-month term commitment.
Two Years:
Free Repairs:
Basic Repairs
Software Upgrade:
Firmware Upgrade
Point of Contact Service:
More Information See:
Product Service and Protection Category

Product Reviews

  • Great Phone & Awesome Customer Service

    Posted by Harold Booth on 14th Feb 2015

    I recently purchased the Motorola 9500 satellite phone in a bundle package. The phone came and was in great condition... looked brand new. NorthernAxcess provided awesome customer service... and were there, whenever I called them. I will definitely do business with these guys again. Thanks for everything, Northern Axcess. Great Job!!!!!